Back in 2005, I started one of the first podcasts about entrepreneurship. It was called Venture Voice and I interviewed the founders who built many of the companies that define our lives today. For most of them, it was their first ever podcast.

Interviewing so many great entrepreneurs inspired me to start two companies of my own, Muck Rack and Shorty Awards. We bootstrapped both businesses to profitability. Today they reach millions of users and employ almost 100 people around the world. It’s hard work but extremely rewarding. Focusing on building those businesses caused me to take a 10-year hiatus from podcasting. I’m still CEO of both businesses which are growing quickly (we’re hiring too!).

Every time a business reaches a new scale, the job of CEO totally changes. Being CEO of a 3 person company is a totally different job than being the CEO of a 30 person company, as is being the CEO of a 100 person company. My LinkedIn profile says I’ve had the same job for over a decade, but I feel like I’ve taken on a new job every couple of years.

I’m hungry to learn what it takes to keep growing to the next level. Rather than just have private conversations with other founders, I want to share that journey with you.

That’s why I'm relaunching Venture Voice. I’ll be sharing key insights from the conversations in this newsletter and in my podcast.

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